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UnJustified Pride is my autobiography.  For long I've wonder where my ambitions and personality came from, since they're fired up with deep values and drives I can hardly understand sometimes. 

Chapter One

"I Create it All"

My entire personality was formed by the age of 7. This has already complicated my life. Could this be the Myers-Briggs-Type INFJ, or another sort of undefined personality? I can safely purport the answer to be: both.

The complicated nature of my personality having been solidified by the age of 7 begins with my move to America in September of 1991, about four months after I turned 6. As the general pattern persists, I faced culture shock
(TSL4080) muted behavior since I could not speak the language of what would become, my home country. I was forced to re-learn behaviors of life I'd already seemingly mastered (interacting with my parents and relatives, my cousins, speaking, writing, reading) I'd lost the only tool I had to conquer the world: my speech. Could it be the reason I became an introvert later in my life? FURTHER ANALYSIS

Then from Virginia, to Austin, Texas, to Cleveland, Ohio, and Youngstown, Ohio I was carried for the next 2 years, until finally some stability was reached for this poor child. Not until high school did I feel the full negative effects of this mobility. At every difficult task my teacher's put forth, like deadlines and tests, I was complain, fill the inside of my head with frustration, and give into the fact that the task was not good enough for my abilities. At the end of the semester I was frustrated with the agony my assignments caused me so I'd force myself to forget about them and stand at the helm of my own projects, without the help of anyone else. Thus, a selfish unproductive style of life after institutions came forth and carried on.

No one but myself has created my successes when it comes to the projects I personally embark upon, for the sole means of adding to my self-righous success. For success in school and other institutions-oriented events I cannot control as much, I relied upon God, my hard work, and the generosity of others. Books I've written such as these, I want only my own personal merits to produce such so that I can owe all of my own talent to it, and no one else's. Truth is even now I'm using the blessings of God, these hands to type my life story.

Like the ENFJ's need for control, so does the INFJ, except mine manifests itself it different ways.

Most of my life reflects my core, inner values about my desired accomplishments and contributions to the world. How then can I fail to see the hand of God and all others in what I have become and will become in the future? A desperate need for control, quite possibly instilled at the age of 7 when I'd lost all Control: in language, in speech, in learning... when school would empower me with the tools to succeed (literacy or ideas about how to engage in the world) I'd leave them behind and take the knowledge on my vacations to make the most of myself. Pride keeps me clinging closely to it, and its become such a habit that I cannot let go, if I were to, I'd be waiting for things to happen, and I simply can't allow that waste of time.

This need for control was the drive to create a plan in which one had almost all control. obtain a complete education.  From the young and idealist age of 19 to today, I've written and created a plan which parallels American educational goals, but also includes my personal opinions and insight on an education should entail.  This plan includes academics, character (or religious) education, vocational education, and personal development/experience.


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UnJustified Pride 2006