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1985 Spring - Born
1992 Spring  - End of 1st Grade Mrs. Howell gave me a textbooks full of stories, knowing how much I liked reading and writing.
1993 Spring




- 'Published' The Queen & the Princess in 2nd grade with Mrs. Peters.  She helped me write the story, hand write it, and have it laminated and bound into book form

- Mrs. Howell called me down to her room to get another book from her

- Moved to Ohio from Texas

1994 Fall - Got F in 4th grade handwriting, was a careless student yet had a great, very caring teacher
1995 Fall - Started middle school (5th grade) and was very vulnerable to bullies and just people in general.  Always very nice, got good grades and was bullied by a couple kids.  This year was the becoming of me, the real me.  I learned to stop being so nice and innocent and become very defensive and adopted "Trust No One" policy

- Moved to Virginia

1996 Summer





- Moved to Florida from Virginia

- I spend most of my life last year being bullied, I came up against another bully.  I continued to become a stronger person.

- Space Cases premiered on Nickelodeon and I got really into the spacey and sci-fi stuff, got creative with my story ideas, but also stealing ideas from TV



1997 Summer



- Thought up idea for a major story of mine called Trailer about a witch/demon hunter

- Learned web design and launched my first very juvenile website

- Moved again from one complex to another and another middle school

- Delved into writing more, not just getting ideas. The ideas at this point just kept coming. 

1998 Spring - Got obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and writing fan fiction on them; launched a web site about it

- Got idea for and started writing my longest story yet (now @ 32 chapters) called Crowds. I call it my practice story because it's a BSB fan fic, but the best story I've written yet

1999 Summer




- Continued Crowds

- Incurred a slight pause in writing while I was getting excited about starting high school

- Tried to be someone else in high school to fit in.

- Started to be me again

- Finally moved into a brand new house

2000 Summer - Continued the flourishing Crowds
2001 Winter - January




Winter - December

- Got into Fan fiction again and thought up tons and tons of ideas on bsb and nsync fan fiction, didn't actually write them a year later

- Got a life.  Turned 16, got a car, got a job, got a life.  It ended up being not what I'd expected, or wanted. 

- Actually started developing plots and storylines for all 8-10 fan fic novels, which turned out absolutely incredible

2002 Winter



- Worked on fan fix, wrote chapters, but quit a month or so after winter break cuz I had no time for them

- Started to like reading for the first time in my life and started reading as much as I could, even with my continuously busy schedule



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