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SUBJECT AREAS that which fascinate me

Literature: Western Civilization

Cognitive Psychology

Scientific Phenomenon

Some Pop Culture

Greek Mythology


A Reflection of my Youth


About six months ago, being an INFJ, my areas of interest were widespread, vague, and all encompassing.  They were science, English, literature, math - anything one could possibly learn in school or in the working world.  I've recently found that this has left me confused and constantly wanting concrete material, thoughts, and ideas I can easily share with my friends and family.  They know so little about me because I don't reveal my likes since I think they're all arbitrary, or subject to change at any call, but with this mentality, I'll rarely initiate any successful somewhat intellectual conversation. 

- Mari 11/23/05


Western Civilization Literature - Fascination initiated through a two year college program in English Education.  As I gained literacy to easily comprehend these complex works through assigned readings, my professors and peers revealed to me that what I was reading are not just stories.  These fiction pieces reveal universal truths about life, human behavior, psychology, movements of society, and so much more.  Now I feel as though all I need to do is read a literary book and find what I want to know about people and society so that I can intellectualize and learn how best to deal with people.  Literature opens me up to the world.  Initiated by peers and college studies. 

Cognitive Psychology - Due to my own difficulties in academics, I've long studied and enjoyed the study of how we learn: cognitive psychology - the psychology of brain processes.  Initiated by my own struggles in learning and my college studies. 

Scientific Phenomenon - I am fascinated by television shows such as Space Cases, Sliders, and Strange Days and Blake Holsey High because of interesting things that happen on theses shows, and yet they all have root in science.  The beauty if the solar system, its colors, and its unknown constantly keep me learning. 

Pop Culture - I spent 3 years in this field of study as a teenager with a love of pop songs, looking up to beautiful faced and beautiful voiced singers such as Mariah Carey. 

Greek Mythology - Initiated in elementary and middle school when I heard of the entertaining stories of why things are the way they are, explains the worlds.  This interest was furthered with Disney's release of Hercules, the movie which skewed some mythology, but made vivid, colorful, and contemporary, other parts of it. 

Religion - Religion keeps me grounded, and sane.  I have too many interests and desires, as most humans.  Religion tells me there is one truth and

My Favorites


I've basically given up on mainstream television and believe that the shows on National Geographic and the Science channel should be better produced to be appealing to the average citizen.  Nevertheless, I have television classics that I do indeed enjoy

I Dream of Jeannie - Because Astronaut Tony Nelson states several times that he's "an astronaut because that's what I want to be." Even in the 60s did they know and believe in the importance of meaningful work. 

Daria - Because it shows the exaggerated reality of today's (or the late 1990s) teens, exposes wrongs occurring today (corporate influence in the schools and emphasis on appearance). 

Mary Tyler Moore - This unbelievable hilarious yet realistic show depicts independent women in the 70s, is clean, but showcases some racy subjects only recently being introduced on television in the 70s. 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air some of the episodes I can certainly o without because of their inappropriateness, but I cannot deny that fact that I actually laugh often when watching this show. 


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