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The Importance of Self Discovery

I have dominant self smarts (or intrapersonal intelligence).  I have a need for personal identity, personal accomplishment, personal knowledge, personal success, and certainly personal understanding or I an unwell as a whole.  But I am not the only one who benefited or can benefit from extensive self discovery.  Self discovery has a significantly positive effect on anyone, instills in them confidence, and helps them pursue what they heartily desire in life to create a better world for all. 


My Journey Through Self Discovery

I took my intrapersonal intelligence for granted.  In fact, I saw very little use to it because it could not help me interact with or improve the lives of others.  In the summer of 2005, after a debilitating teaching internship experience, having exceeded my ability to help all 90 students, I changed my major to business and reverted to a informal and unconscious path of self discovery by reading career and self-improvement books.  I knew I was unhappy that I had lost my dream of teaching and improving the lives of young people because of my lack of teaching experience, my my caring too much and unable to compromise my teaching ideals, and my naiveté - not to mention life experience.  Nevertheless, I concluded that there was no possible way to me to succeed at teaching at this time in my life, and found that I was unhappy and unable to move on with my life since for two years I devote my life to teaching and education.  I even wrote a book on the subject, now 16,000 words long, and still in progress. 

My Bouts with Self-improvement and Self-Discovery

2004 I came about Wishcraft and defined the many things I wanted to accomplish in my life. 

2003 Bored with my classes, but intrigued by the literature I was studying, I picked up Barbara Sher's  I Could Do Anything book to explore my interest. 

2002 Engaged in life plans and goal making after being inspired by the fictional Ren on Disney's Even Stevens. 

2001 10th Grade - Bored with the unchallenging high school curriculum I decided to do some career searching so that the following year I could begin planning for college and taking college level classes.  I also began reading self-improvement guides, such as Sean Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and bought The Pathfinder to explore my career options and find the most satisfying lifestyle.

Who I am and What I learned through self-discovery

Self smart (Intrapersonal Intelligence)

I took my intrapersonal intelligence for granted when I constantly rebelled against listening to my true desires during the ages of 18-19 while I was on a one-way track to becoming a teacher and intellectual.  I would not allow myself to rest, I constantly forced myself to read books I may not even have had interests me.  Because of my need to help and accomplish (due to my INFJ qualities) I wanted to put others needs in front of mine, therefore I thought I had to hold all the knowledge of the world in my head so that I could answer any question any one had for me, help them improve their lives and the world as a whole.  Much like in The Giver by Lois Lowry. 


Who Am I?

Plainly: a learner and an entrepreneur.  I like to think of myself as the Benjamin Franklin of today – but how can I possibly elevate myself to such a great and learned man.  Nevertheless, some of our character qualities are uncannily similar.  I learned this while reading his biography by Walter Isaacson. 

The problems mounted upon me were only that I did not ever find anyone who would encourage me to be me, nor did I find people very much like me at all.  But we all learn about ourselves at different paces and different times in our lives. 



Self Discovery BOOKS & TOOLS

Wishcraft by Barbara Sher

I Could Do Anything If I only Knew When it Was by Barbara Sher

Barbara Sher's success teams and boards full of life coaches and support groups. 

You're Smarter Than you Think by Thomas Armstrong [Multiple Intelligences]

The Pathfinder by Nicholas Lore

Finding Your North Star by Martha Beck

The Joy Diet by Martha Beck

Tools to Discover yourself:

Multiple Intelligences - Howard Gardener: More simple theory to determine your strongest talent/ability

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: A popular personality test

Do What You Are by Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Carron-Tieger

Enneagram: A new type indicator

Treatment for Depression: (unhappy with life or self)


Focusing by Cornell

Understanding what your body is telling what you are doing in sync with it, and what without. 

Links and Resources

Below are links I've collected throughout my half a decade long search for myself.  This can be of enormous help to any of you.  Please visit them and use the tool best suited to your personal discovery of self.  We need people like you to truly understand yourself in this wide world of information, knowledge, people, problems, careers, and chaos so that you can use your gifts to help the world better itself.  Whether you believe you were created  for a purpose, or not, self discovery is a freeing and joy inducing process.  Do not sell yourself short.  Start today!

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