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I realized today that my mind is thematic as a newspaper or history textbook might be.  My projects protrude like roses' thorns as themes often found in history books: society, culture, literature, education, governments, economics, and so, today, I've filed my projects under such headings to make sense of my own life and head.  - 4/15/06, Mari

Here is where you will find summaries about my current projects.  If I'm ever brave enough I'll start publishing them onto this website, obviously after some major editing.  I write mostly novels so it's hard to put my work up there quickly and easily so I may hold off for a while, but in this section you will see a listing and updates on my current projects. (<2002)

Nonfiction Writer




  • Human Development: Help page for high school students: "I Hate High school"

  • I've created an uploaded a new page for my fellow INFJs at:  INFJ Help Page

  • Education & Learning Website: Erudition Education - Purporting education, life-long learning, and literacy for a better educated society. 

  • YouthDO! Project

  • In hopes of becoming a leader in the community somehow, someday, I've lead several self studies, like my role model in this project, Benjamin Franklin.  Career, Goal, Self Success; Textbooks: I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What it Was and Wishcraft by Barbara Sher, Do What you Are by Teiger and Barron-Teiger, Finding Your North Star by Martha Beck


Fiction Writer

  • Crowds - My first completed novel

  • Other fiction stories: Rising Walls, No Longer Nowhere, Glamour, Mission Statement, University Highs, Tough Luck,  Things Change, Rainstorm, Trailer

  • Popular Culture/Self Expression: Dimensions: Fan Fiction

Physical Being

Updated 7/15/06

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