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Driven Entrepreneur - I'm part of a young entrepreneur network called Mind Petals. A set of intelligent and ambitious young entrepreneurs who blog about the life of starting and maintaining a business. 

Dimensions - a compilation of all my finished and unfinished fan fiction stories and novels, written during the ages of 13 and 20.

Warped Reality - A short journal of my entry into the community college atmosphere.  A time when I juggled life as a community college student, high school student, and employee.  Perfecshunist @ Deadjournal is a continuation

Present and Future of Ebooks and EReading - a short blog about the current condition of ebooks and ereading.

Writer's Journal - My writer's blog with musings upon the writing life and the art of writing. 

Blog of a Studious College Student - Details my events as a beginning business student at UCF.  Chronicle is a continuation. 

Health and Coffee Nut - My way to educate people on healthy eating, and a healthy life style.


Study Blogs: Places where I keep track of notes and thoughts on various topics

Strange Days at BHH - Thoughts on science articles I've read. 

America's Founding Fathers - I emailed several professors at UCF to schedule meetings with them as I studied, but lost interesting half way through the semester.  Making way for something newer and better.

Accounting Musings - a journal to help me study for the CPA exam. 



Foundations of a Complete Education - a draft of my future book describing my ideals for what a complete education should be. 

Education Connection: The Reality of Public Schools - Another attempt to exploit the demeaning realities of public education

Sticky Notes -  A blog upon which I place my ideas about education and ask for reader interaction. 

YouthDO! - A blog and website motivating children to make the most of their youth. 

Teacher's  Blog - Another view on education through the eyes of a former student-teacher.



Success - I presented a workshop on the topic of success in November in 2004 with my Minority Programs in Education group. 

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From immigration, to college, to inner city teaching, to becoming a CPA