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General Links - An excellent website for writers for writers, editors, publishers and agents and full of info on writing. - Writers, readers, and critics

Storyteller's Challenge- Creative writing exercises, published poetry and more. 

Virtual Writer - A site where writer's are able to publish their works on the net and get writing tips. 

Writer's Resource - A site for serious writers looking for market listings and some general writing resources. - A website for fiction writers. 



Weekend Novelist - A resource for novelists.  Books, workshops, and writing tips. 


Writing Message Boards

Creative Writers Unite - A message board for any and all creative writers. 

Pen and Ink - A board for writers of science fiction, fantasy, and other genres. 

Planet IQ - A message board for poets.  Include critiquing. 

Storyteller's Escape - A great board for almost anything about writing stories. 

Teen Writer's Dream - A wonderful message board full of ambitious teen writers

The Dragon's Lair - a message board for writers of dragons, science fiction and fantasy.

The Other Side - A message board for writers of dark tales. 

The Sandbox - A board for all writers. 

The Writer's Cafe - A great board for writers of all kinds looking for a little relaxation over a cup of cyber coffee. 

The Writer's Post - A board for all types of fiction writers. 

Writer's Block - A very active board for all writers. 

Writer's District - Discussing writing in general. 

Writing-Etc. - A discussion forum on all things writing. 



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