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Last Updated: July 17th, 2005

Created Mary's Writing Blog



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Here you are, and you're probably thinking what the heck have I stumbled onto? This bland little website with only 3 basic colors and no pictures.  Ok, I admit it, I'm not a big picture person.  It takes too much time to load and it takes too much of my time to try to find any good ones.  Anyway...

Where should I begin? Well, my name is Mary and I'm a writer.  I decided to put this site up because I'm still young and after hours, days, and months of trying to figure out what I want to do with my life I realize that writing is the only thing I really want to do.  It wasn't easy to figure out, but when I finally did, I didn't want to lose my desire for it.  The reason that motivation can be lost easily when it comes to writing, for me at least, is because there's no guarentee I'll make a million on my first book, or even get it published.  There's no certainty I'll be set for life and be able to survive on what a writer makes, or does not make.  I'm usually a very reasonable person so I always think ahead.  Anyway, knowing the risks involved in making writing my career I'm battling with it constantly, everyday.  I'm not always sure that I should jump into a writing career before I know I'll be able to survive on it, but I don't want those doubts in my mind to stop me from becoming an author.  That's why I started this website.  This is all about me (it always is!), if you really want to know about a future author browse my site.  Take my journey with me.  I'd love for you to come along. And if you're an aspiring writer, as well, I'm sure that somehow, some thing in this site will help inspire you to truly pursue writing as career as well. 

Put on your best sneakers, strap on a knapsack with nothing in it but a water bottle, a steno notebook, a pen, and a library card and walk with me, talk with me, come with me through my journey to become a writer...

Mary - December 30th, 2002


As simple as this site may seem, don't be fooled, at one point, you just may get lost and here is where you will come to find your way home.  Actually, you can get home from pretty much anywhere on the site.  Every page has a link where you can click to get back here, the home page.  Once you get here you can scroll down to this section, the navigation section, to find your way around.  Hopefully you'll only need to read this when you're new to my site.  Below are brief descriptions of where the main links, in the menu above, lead. 

[motivation] this is for both you and me.  Here I will post my daily motivational techniques.  What I will try to do is wake up every morning and write out and type out what is motivating me to write today so that I can ensure motivation to write every day on my journey to become a published writer. 

[auto-bio] this is my autobiography, simple as that.  I mostly talk about my life as a writer but also about my life in general.

[progressing] here is a list of all my progressing ideas/projects.  I usually have many projects going at one time and this helps me to see that I am in fact progressing as a writer.  This also may be a motivation to all your aspiring writers out there to see how far one writer has progressed and in turn knowing you may be able to progress as much as I have.

[articles] we all need motivation to write at times and also information on creating characters, developing plots, etc and here I've linked you to some great articles I've found on the web about writing.  I've also included some of my motivational and technical writing articles. 

[my world] my world can get pretty hectic at times and here I will let you in on my life a bit by describing the different roles I play on a daily basis and show all you writers that I can make progress as a writer on a daily basis and so can you. 

[links] Links to other writing websites.  I've tried to save you the trouble and weeded out not so great writing websites from the good ones. 

[book log] after my recent discovery that I need to actually read to become a better writer I decided to keep a booklog.  Here I write mini summaries, but mostly my thoughts on the book I read, how long it took me to read and my rating of it. 


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