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This is a website for writer Marie J. Skylar and is a place where you will find her works of fiction and nonfiction. She has been writing since her childhood years, and has begun several works of fiction in serial and novel form.


The proclamation of my being a writer has fluctuated several times since I was young.  I began writing fiction at the age of 8, but slowly emerged into the world of writing nonfiction and article writing.  Now my work consists of a mesh of both types of writing. 

I do not write for money (as of yet).  I do write for expression, self-improvement, but most importantly, for improvement of the world, enlightenment of the world, and a better, more educated society.  I do not wish to write what has already been written, therefore I freely share other written and personal resources.  To be well educated we must all have different kinds of resources - not only wordy, online ,or offline.  In this world of numberless sources of information and knowledge we must have personal and business contacts including written, oral, visual, online and offline sources to help meet our intellectual, personal, and communal goals.  Writing is one way I contribute to this. 

Recently I've decided to become a speaker and share my purpose, ideas, and expressions through spoken as well as written works. 

my writing career and goals

Years ago, I use to write about my favorite music, movies, hobbies, and books here.  Self-discovery and reality states that I am much more than a consumer of popular culture.  Therefore, finally, I will write about who I truly am. 

My writing career began at the age of 8, or younger, when I mimicked television shows in my stories by including their characters and personality but my own story lines.   I also created some works of original fiction.  Being a child of the late 1900s, my inspiration came from popular culture. Thankfully, I escaped later in my life, mainly after high school, and have written works of fantasy, sci-fi, literary, young adult, fan fiction, education, and others.  My main goal through writing is not solely expression or for the means of entertaining people.  My sister reads and enjoys my stories as entertainment, but I enjoy concentrating on literary, intellectual, and even some self-help works which help other people understand academics, themselves, success, and life, in general. 

I believe myself as a writer is not without its educator counterpart.  I write to teach, I teach to write, and I educate thorough means of words - whether they be written or spoken.  Though I write literary work, I try to teach through that work.  I feel that we, as a global society, have fallen away from the importance of academic and, what I call, true knowledge.  History, science, mathematics, literature, philosophy, and religion.   Instead we are daily confronted with the contemporary literature as well as newspapers, self help books, vulgar fiction, and passive entertainment.  Though I desire the "academic" type of knowledge and wish to convey it in a social and less academic setting, I don't believe I am quite an intellectual.  I much more wish to find practical means of true knowledge, like the famous Benjamin Franklin

I do not condemn contemporary works of fiction - its is highly needed in our society.  In fact, for personal joy and interest, I write it myself, but I do believe its become more and more difficult for people to find the knowledge they need to improve their lives, live happily, successfully, and contently, as well as do the world a great good. 


the writer within me

Sometimes, I ask myself, "How am I a writer?" but as I presently contemplate, I find that almost everything I've done, or purposed in my life, relates back to writing.  Writing is my way of teaching, in much a sense. 


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All writing is copyrighted by Marie J. Skylar