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writing - Writing has to be my number one hobby because I don't think I'd be completely fulfilled in life without doing some type of writing that is either very personal or I am very attached to or appreciative of.  I don't need to say much about it considering the entire site is about my hobby or writing, which I am hoping to soon turn into a career. 

singing - I think I've been singing as long as I could wanted to write.  I always had a high, somewhat squeaky voice as a kid and soon learned to train it into organized vocals.  After going through the phase of dreaming to become a famous music artist I've learned to look at my singing talent realistically.  I have to admit, I had an amazing voice when I was around 13 or 14, but when I moved to Florida the fickle weather patterns have tweaked my voice in every which way possible and it is just not what it used to be.  I can still hit some high notes I've compared myself a lot of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, but there's not much of a comparison any longer.  I still sing and still try to get my voice back to when it could do vibrato and all that jazz, but I think it's a healing process and I'll be fighting for a good voice all my life because it seems to always been changing due to the weather, but also to how I treat my voice on a daily basis.  >> I also don't sing much anymore, because Islam does not allow musical instruments, and most songs today attach reverence to something other than God -- which is also not allowed in Islam. 

gardening - I don't know how I ever considered this a hobby because I've never really gardened - at all.  I don't even know when this became a fascination of mine, but I love to see my progress when a plant of flowers grow.  I love looking at and planting flowers, especially from seed.  I tried my hand on growing things from seeds many times but my mom never allowed it because I'd have to do it in the house and she can't stand the sight of dirt in the house, even if it is contained.  I couldn't leave it outside because we used to live in an apartment and the unruly kids outside would stampede across it, and/or use it as projectiles toward other unruly kids.  Even when we moved into our house, the danger still remained.  I didn't like planting outside or buying plants because it would cost money (seeds are like cents a piece) and time and kids might still be tempted to destroy them after being implemented into the ground.  What if they go un-watered? Tons of bad things could happen, besides with the sandy Florida soil, how would they survive in the first place? I did try it once, placing plants in the ground, but they died a a few weeks.  Waste of my precious time and money.  But I have great hope that when I'm on my own and have my own house I will create a beautiful garden, I have tons of books in my library to learn from.  So yes, someday gardening will be a hobby of mine because I would truly love for it to be a part of my life for many reasons one being that it's a great stress reliever, it's rewarding to see your plants grow, it can be a great source of food, it definitely a beautiful scene, and it's fun. 

readinG - I didn't fully reap the benefits of reading or even enjoyed it until I turned 17. And now I read avidly.  I graduated in 2006 with my degree in English Education, and adore reading the classic literature since they not only entertain, they educate.  I care very little for contemporary English literature, since I prefer to read books on Islam and anything interesting that is either nonfiction, or based on a real life event.  As a Muslim I might entertain myself with reading Harry Potter once in a while, but my goal on this earth is not to amuse myself, but to educate myself to live a life Allah (God) will be pleased with. 

teaching - I don't enjoy teaching enormously since I enjoy writing more than talking when disseminating knowledge, but currently I am a 6-8 grade math and science teaching at an Islamic school so I don't hate it :)

web designing - This website and dozens others (under projects) is a prime example of my loving web designing.  I started designing web sites when I was 13, by teaching myself HTML.  Sadly, I haven't graduated much from knowing basic HTML, that's why this site looks the way it does.  It is classic though, and for now, I don't wish to change it. 

Updated: 10/1/2007

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