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On the Prevalence and Future of Electronic Reading

By Marie J. Skylar


October 03, 2005


Teenagers chat daily through Instant message, a great portion of the adult and youth population read and write e-mail, the business community views documents, and the average citizen looks at sports scores, music and movies reviews, reads fiction and nonfiction works, and communicates through online groups and communities.  What is the hype about electronic reading?



It is easy to sit at home and research under the topic of successful small businesses or the Battle of Waterloo and find something of use for your school project or current business venture.  This, many times, is much easier and more productive than trudging to the library to find nothing, or waste more time in commute. 



The amount of information available on the internet today is not yet calculable and an abundance exists! Anyone with an internet connection has the ability to post a free web page on the web according to their interests.  



We choose the files and web pages we open up through search engines out of hundreds or varieties, we are not limited to what the library or our school has in store.  The choice function is an important reason why today, electronic text, is eminently popular. 



Though not everything is written in English, a world of information and knowledge is available to us through electronic text such as blogs, web sites, online communities, and databases.  Many historical documents and classical novels are available online as well. 


Negative Aspects of eReading




The future

Soon everything will be on mini-handheld computers, and the web is only the beginning of the content available.  To be known publisher, and become avid readers, we should all get accustomed to reading on electronic devices. 


About me

Iíve been in the epublishing industry since I was 14 when I published the first few chapters of several of my serial novels, added graphics, and uploaded it to the web. 


My goal is to provide quality knowledge on the web and through ebooks to meet the intellectual and practical needs of readers.   


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