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As a rule my dreams are always attainable.  I don't dream too big for reality and I rarely dream big because I hate disappointment and or wishing for unrealistic things.  Which is not necessarily an attractive quality but I think in terms of reality not fantasy, unless of course I'm writing one of my many pieces of fiction, that's just me. Can't change that, don't really want to, and know that I can never really change myself.  


as a writer in the city...

I think being a writer in a big city would be incredibly exciting, considering I've never lived in a big city.  I've always ended up living in the smaller town next to the big city as far back as I can remember.  Living in a big city, like New York for instance, which, sadly, I've never been to, I feel I would need just the bare necessities.  As a writer I would need simply the bare necessities, in general.  Therefore I would need less money, which would be absolutely incredible because the less the need for money, the little need for working major hours, leaving me tons of time to write, which does, in deed, take tons of time - tons of useFUL time.  I could be a freelance writer, but that would require me to write boring articles for submission that I really don't want to waste my time writing.  I could always work at a non-demanding job such as a restaurant and work only like 2 or 3 days and write the remainder of the days and not have to think about work outside of the workplace.  Never mind, that wouldn't be sufficient income I could always invest in stocks...? Yeah right.  I'm thinking I go along with my original, sane idea of completing my degree as a teacher and spending my weekends and summers to write.  I think that would be sufficient, besides I really want to be a teacher as well so I'll have both careers going and it'll be a very stable life, besides teachers are needed everywhere. So here are the basic wonders that come with my dream as being a writer in the city:

  •  Transportation: So as a writer in the city I wouldn't need a car, I could get around a bus   or public transportation and I'd have tons of money left over because that means no car insurance and no car payment roughly adding up to a whopping 700 bucks.  Wow, that amazes me.  I admit it, I'm a very frugal (money cautionous) person, or in other more simple terms: Cheap.

  • Living space: I'd live in a nice cozy little studio or one bedroom apartment in a safe gated community with lushful green plants, flowers, and a pool.  The people around me would be


dream office or den...

Every writer has a dream office/den-like writing area, right? Oh well, even if they don't, I do.  It would be in a large rectangular room where there

^ 2002

v 2005

The imaginary ideal environment in which I would like to emerge would be my perfectly designed classroom and my well-furnished room consisting of a large table on which I would be able to spread out my work such as lesson planning, writing both nonfiction and fiction.  My large spacious room would be lined with bookshelves and have a window with yellow or baby blue curtains.  My kitchen living room would be separate, but my room would be the largest of the 1-story house

- July 2005, from working through Barbara Sher's Wishcraft book


as  a writer in the suburbs...

I got the idea while watching an episode of "Hey Arnold", a cartoon on Nickelodean. 


as a singer...

I think I can safely rule this dream out considering I've turned into a writing water buffalo from a skinny size-1-wearing popstar over the past 3 years. 


as a teacher...

I have a dream of becoming a teacher, as strange as it may sound.


the 2005 non-dreamer

All of the above was written and created in 2002 or early 2003, but as I sit here trying to come up with a dream of write about initiated in 2003 or later, I realize I cannot think of one.  I don't have any dreams.  Not as of yet, at least.  I have, although, shed myself of the dream of becoming a hermit-type writer who sits at her typewriter (yes, I adore typing on typewriters as compared to this laptop sometimes) in her small home on a mini-island aware from the commercialization of the city and suburban living.  I'm learning to become a more balanced individuals, but as of yet, I can safely say, I don't have any dreams...

the 2006 rational

Mariah Carey: "I refuse to falter in what I believe or lose faith in my dreams because there is a light in me that shines brightly" - "Can't Take that Away from Me" Rainbow

Writing a book on a complete secondary education

contemplating launching several success workshops

Attaining degree in English education

Exercising and eating for optimum health

Inspired by Benjamin Franklin's idea of a "junto" group; considering creating one

Organizing and launching an education nonprofit

Attaining a Masters in Accounting

Employee in my father's accounting firm



as a self-educator & writer

dream big - wishcraft

Five weeks before the end of a grueling, wretched semester studying accounting, I finally realized my dreams.  Barbara Sher, success coach and writer, has inspired me with her books Wishcraft and I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What it Was.  Through working from beginning to end of Wishcraft for months, I could not specifically narrow down what my dream achievement was.  Before the end of the this recent semester (ended 2 weeks ago, yes, I'm still shuttering and sniveling at it.  I just have a natural disdain for its hinderence to my goals) I wanted to yell "Yes, Barbara Sher I finally know what I want!" but knew that I'd either have to wait five weeks to have time to do it, or not attain it at all since my parents wished me to enter the Master's in Taxation program in the Summer or Fall.  I was so frustrated and fed up with the very practical request my well-meaning parents made for me, but did very little to achieve acceptance into the program.  Nevertheless, I didn't wait until the end of 5 weeks to pursue my goal of self-education and becoming a consultant.  Today, I'm working toward such goals, and I'd hoped this morning would bring me a renewed vitality to pursue my self education and consultant career, sadly, my eyes hurt and my body unmotivated.  How is this possible, I ask.  I finally know what I desire, have been craving it for weeks, now have the free time, how is it that I'm unmotivated to pursue this dream? Barbara Sher has left this to "fear" and I agree with her completely.  She's hinted many times before that once we've cleared our schedules to accomplish our goals a sudden fear evident by sleepiness, hunger, or immobility strikes making us wonder why we're not motivated to push forth with our dreams.  This morning I did something I rarely do, indulge in pop culture.  What did I find? Emptiness, as usual, but also a sense that nothing is happiness without a context.  Though I may be hesitant to begin reading my self-study books or writing my education book, I still want to complete both.  Until I place my mind in the proper context, I will not achieve.  This is my next aim.  May God be with me today, as I pursue my goals.

5/14/06, Mari



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