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Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn This book especially improved my use of the English language and my literacy - improving how quickly I read and comprehending other written works.  1/22/06, Mari


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Baby-sitter's Club: The Genius on Elm Street
Date Started: 7/23/02 Date Ended: 7/26/02 Rating: 7
Thoughts: I really enjoyed reading this book because it inspired me to re-aquaint myself to the idea of writing and publishing my own series of books about girls that age (middle school). It was very well written. Described everything very well for someone like me who's first time reading a BSC book. You didn't have to read the 1st book to understand the main concept. Though it wasn't Girl Talk, I was impressed. At first it seemed as though there wasn't much of a point but is slowly unraveled into what I hadn't expected.
It was about Claudia the artsy and so not smart (intellectual) like this so-semminly bratty kid (Rosie) she had to sit for. She knew she woudln't and didn't like her. Rosie was good at any and everything and very talented and had a very busy life, like she was a clock-punching business woman at 7 years old. But it so happened that all the little and liked to do was draw. And she didnt want her parents to find out because they wouldn't turn it into her career, make a big deal out of it and wouldn't be fun anymore. Now that I think of it it wasnt very memorable cuz I remember "It's all in the stars" better than this book - I guess it's because of who vivid the author made everything in the book. Keep that in mind


Get Real: Girl Reporter Blows Lid off Town! #1
Date Started: 8/9/02 Date Ended: 8/19/02 Rating: 10!!
Thoughts: 8/14 Read Ch11, a somewhat climactic chapter and am now wondering WHY Tyler is acting the way he is, why Toni is, and why don't let Ringo do comics, and what's gonna happen next! I have to read on!! Also how brave Casey was to speak out in front of all her peers - wow, such an admirable, ambitious girl I so want to emulate, and she's only 11!!
8/19 Wow, this book was amazing. Action, danger and most of all very very well written. The most unusual, but interesting characters came together and made a crucial deadline for the debut of a very well put together newspaper. I loved the rather intelligent and humurourous annaeddotes and dialouge. I overall loved this book. I'm so buying all of them!! It was so realisitically written and made my writing seem lika 3rd graders - so immature, so juvenile. These are my kind of books for content and verbiage and ofcourse concept. Anyway, Casey wanted to start a newspaper and got teamed up with a perky, prissy cheerleader-type girl, who wanted to put only school-related things in the paper. Casey, the ambitious and daring reporter that she was, wanted a story on a polluting a paper mill. Very interesting. She also really wanted to be editor but learned that Megan was best-suited because she considered and throught-through any and all ideas. Very organized. Very interesting. Incredible book!!


Girl Talk: Rebel, Rebel #4
Date Started: 8/14/02 Date Ended: 8/22/02 Rating: 6
Thoughts: Honestly after reading Girl Reporter Girl Talk was so juvenile. Girl Reporter was very excellantly written and so perfect. Anyway it was boring at first but all came together in the end and turned out very cute. Sheck & Randy. Randy & Sheck. Very cute. I like it. It wasn't as perfect as I remembered but its cuz I never read Randy's side of the story. Ever. It's so cool. That's how I want my cute preteen/teen series to be. Different books=different side of story, different character. At first I didn't want to do that because that so drains the originality of my series, but why not? It's a good idea. Besides my series idea is somewhat original, so it all works out. Very cute addition as part of the Girl Talk series, and also very different. Randy, the careless teenager, it's wierd to actually read her side of the story. It didn't say a lot about school, but that all works out cuz she dosne't really care about school so I think it was pretty well put together. It fits in well with the progression of the story.


Secret World of Alex Mack: Zappy Holidays
Date Started: 8/22/02 Date Ended:08/26/02 Rating: 5
Thoughts: 8/22 - SO excited to read this!! The show may have died yet the legacy lives on!! Ok, cool it. I'm cooled I can't believe I ever stopped watching it. I figured it would always be on and stopped regarding it. It was a great and very interesting show. I'm not too excited about Zappy Holidays, its about how she brings holiday spiriits, but oh well. The conept behind the series is awesome. The characters on the show were so unique and vivid. That's another thing I'm looking forward to, besides the concept. Anyway here I go...

8/26 - Overall the book was somewhat action-less. It had a plot, but it was the typical Christmas miracle story. Alex helped almost everyone in Paradise Valley regain the Merry Christmas mindset and feeling. It wasn't the action-filled story I like reading but I continued to read and surprisingly, finish it cuz of the incredible writing. The story unfolded with such descriptive words that I couldn't put it down. I had to find out what interesting annecdote the author was gonna throw at me next. Well told story. The main problem was that there was certainty that there were gonna be many lay-offs in the Paradise Valley Chemical plant which employed many many citizens of Paradiside valley unless info of GC-161 arose and so no one shopped cuz they doubted their job would last and stores were losing was a downward spiral, like a mini-depression. Nicole's toy drive was flopping cuz no one in the city could donate toys except broken ones. Anyway, I can tell the author is really into organizing cuz Alex planned this whole thing of an elf workshop which would fix any broken toys people donated and got a list of whatever needy kids wanted from Santa at the mall. She also made presents. Anyway it explained the entire process of this elf shop, everthing. The author described it well and it was really organized, like if someone wanted to the same they could in reality, thats' how well it was told in story. It wasn't the best of stories, but I loved the writing. I don't think I'll be excited to read any more Alex Mack series written by this author, but I could if I got the chance and had the extra time. It was well written, but it didn't involve the fact that Alex's GC-161 powers were even in the story. It was a normal kid's story, not a GC-161 kid's story. But it was good. Just not my fave, but very good.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Angel Chronicles Vol. 2
Date Started: 8/30/02 Date Ended: --- Rating: ---
Thoughts: 8/30/02 - Excited to read about some supernatural ideas, and so far, a couple pages in, they describe everything descrptively and very well. I always wondered how they would desribe creature and supernatural stuff and reading this is defintely gonna help me with my writing cuz I do in the future want to write about intersting supernatural things, of course mine would be better than ALL the rest.


Get Real: Girl Reporter Sinks School! #2
Date Started: 9/15/02 Date Ended: 9/23/02 Rating: ---
Thoughts: 09.15.02 So excited to read this second book! This girl inspires me so much, she's so ambitious, so on top of things, and so daring - much like me.  Ok, only sorta but I'm really loving this series and am excited about reading the second book.  I liked this book, but I honestly wasn't as impressed as with the first one, but as always, I admire Casey's ambition, I can never deny that. 


Angel: Shakedown
Date Started: 12/22/02  Date Ended: 1/10/03 Rating: ---
Thoughts: Wow, was this one incredible book or what?! The first book I have come across that I actually couldn't put down.  This is one major revelutionary thing for me.  Don DeBrandt is one awesome writer! I couldn't stop reading it, there was not one dull point and I say this truly.  The book was so good.  The plot was great but how it was written was the most incredible part.  The words were so beauifully strung together.  The book moved along with such ease.  The dialouge was funny and the characters consistant and distintive.  I'm so glad I actually bought this book, now I can read it over and over to learn how to write.e  This guy is one amazing writer! To give you one more hint on how good this book was: I now LIKE reading.  Whoa.  Even though it was all this fighting and stuff and about demons and stuff, I am still shocked and amazed at the book's INCREDIBLE writing.  I just loved how that book was put together and written I have pictures in my head.  Real ones, not weak ones.  If I pick up and read a part of the book, anywhere, I'll most likely remember that scene.  This book had such a great effect on me.  I'm still smiling from reading it. 


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