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Here you will find a great collection of motivating articles on writing.  This is a growing list, which means there are more articles to come. 

My Articles:

Three Useful Features of Microsoft Reader

The Prevalence of Electronic Reading


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for Anyone Wanting to become a Writer

You Want to be a Writer? - A mini-writing workshop for anyone who wants to be a writer. 

So you wanna be a writer - A short inspirational article about a writer who made it. 

On Being an Author - Tara Harper's list of FAQs on being an author. 

I want to be a writer, so what do I need? - An article with a self-explantory title. 


Novel writing

Fiction and Novel Writing - Tara Harper's list of FAQs on those wanting to be novel and fiction writers. 

How I Write a Novel - An article by Jody Rodriguez about how she writes a novel.  It's not a how-to article, but one that helps you to set some groundwork for your own novel. 


Science Fiction Writing

So you want to be a science fiction writer? - An author writes on her life as a science fiction writer. 



Find Time to Write - An article about making time to write. 



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